An Introduction

A Register of Follies is my personal blog: an outlet for my interests, which I spend a problematic amount of time thinking about rather than doing something. Now, instead of letting thoughts and ideas uselessly accrete and ossify within my mind, they will take on life in a very public forum! Hopefully I can inform, interest, or at least entertain you, the Internet.

Some topics that I expect to cover:

  • History: I’ve studied history in some (minor) breadth and (perhaps occasionally) depth, and continue to read about it, form opinions, get excited, and want to write about it.
  • Politics: A constant preoccupation, some would say a natural partner to the first point, it is in any case a bottomless wellspring of opinions.
  • Writing: I occasionally write fiction, but my real strength is nonfiction. I also engage with the writing of others a lot, so there’s probably a lot of words about words in me.
  • Pop culture: It just wouldn’t be a personal blog without me talking a whole bunch about the last book/movie/TV show/album/video game/etc. I consumed.
  • Technology: I’m not very opinionated about technology, but I do work with it. Reports on my technical projects will probably help this blog live up to its name more than anything.
  • Shameless self-promotion: Have you seen my twitter feed on the right!? Follow me!

About the title: Edward Gibbon said that history is “little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.” Publicizing crimes seems like a bad idea, and there are enough blogs out there talking about peoples’ misfortunes. So, laughable mistakes are all I’m left with.

About the header image: It’s a slice of Demachy’s painting Festival of the Supreme Being, depicting the eponymous rite of a state religion specially created for the late part of French Revolution, when they were renaming months and keeping the National Razor well wetted, which, along with its equally synthetic rival state religion, was probably one of the most straight foolish inventions in history.