My name is Jordan Helin, and this is my personal blog. I’ve had a varied career: studied computer science in college, worked in the technology industry, spontaneously gone back to school to pursue an interest in history, worked as a researcher on an academic publication, and lived in a lot of different places across the US, which probably goes with the territory of making a new change every year. Nearing the end of my 20s, I think I am about tired of all this movement. I’m keeping this blog as an outlet for my interests and a journal of my efforts to decide on a path, stick to it, and settle down at its destination.

When I went back to school, I made the impractical and entirely passion-driven choice to study history. I am fascinated by knowledge of past societies and cultures, the big events and long processes that have gotten us where we are as a civilization (to use a very loaded term), and how people looked at the world in the past. I read widely about history, politics, and economics, and develop a lot of opinions and with that a desire to share them. A long-term dream of mine is to work in research and education, but this is still very far off. In the mean time, this will be where I keep my research and writing skills sharp and hopefully inform, interest, or at least entertain.

Some useful contact information and links:

About the title: Edward Gibbon said that history is “little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.” Publicizing crimes seems like a bad idea, and there are enough blogs out there talking about peoples’ misfortunes. So, laughable mistakes are all I’m left with.

About the header image: It’s a slice of Demachy’s painting Festival of the Supreme Being, depicting the eponymous rite of a state religion specially created for the late part of French Revolution, when they were renaming months and keeping the National Razor wet, which, along with its equally synthetic rival state religion, was probably one of the most straight foolish inventions in history.


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